Q:  What are your operating hours?
A:  Weather permitting we are open Monday-Saturday 8am-6pm, Sunday 9am-4pm

Q:  How long does it take to get a wash?
A:  Unlike hand washes and most gas station facilities.  All Star Car Wash utilizes on-site personnel to load you onto the conveyor.  The conveyor line continually moves multiple cars along the tunnel wash process.  On average the pre-wash, soft foam wash and towel dry process takes 5 minutes.

Q:  Do you use brushes, or are you touchless?
A:  The actual answer is neither.  Rather than use the heavy weighted cloth brushes on your vehicles finish, or touchless cleaning with harsher chemicals, All Star uses foam made cleaning pads.  This new product weighs less, doesn't retain dirt or water and actually cleans better.

Q:  Is hand washing better for my vehicle?
A:  A special car wash study was performed by Mercedes-Benz in conjunction with The University of Texas.  Findings indicated that the low pressure of water used and the inability to keep wash mitts cleaned continually while washing, a hand wash has a negative effect on surface reflectance and shine readings. In contrast, the ability of professional car washes using soap, water, and cleaning pads simultaneously to clean, actually reduce harmful effects to the automobiles finish.  Additional information also supported the recommendation of professional car washes over hand car washes.  If you would like more detailed information  about this study, please feel free to ask.

Q:  Why don't you clean the inside?
A:  Over time we have seen a greater demand for a deluxe, fast, exterior car wash and towel dry process.  We all put a premium on time these days so we concentrate on providing a high quality car wash in the least amount of time.  For the times your inside needs touched up we offer vacuum and vending stations for your use.  Save money, get exercise and do a better job yourself.  Afterall, you know where you dropped the piece of candy.

Q:  Are you open year round, including winter?
A:  Absolutely, as the winter months with the snow and salt are really our busiest times. We heat our building and use hot water in our wash process to keep your car's temperature warm.