Dear Organization Member:

We know that raising funds is a critical element in reaching the goals of your organization. Our Car Wash Fundraiser is designed to help you raise money while providing a service that community members can use. Highlighted below is how our car wash fundraiser program works.

  • All Star will supply numbered car wash passes with your organizations name on it
  • Your members can sell these passes to neighbors, family, friends, and other acquaintances
  • Our All Pro Wash retails for $11.95. Your group will sell them for $11.00. For each wash pass sold your group will earn $5.50

Some additional benefits that will help make this type of car wash fundraiser a success for your organization include:

  • The printing of these tickets will be done at our expense
  • The pass can be used anytime with no expiration date
  • Our car wash fundraiser eliminates the worry of "rainouts", and rescheduling
  • All Star sends its used water to a sanitary sewer facility designed to better protect the environment. In contrast, many individuals don't realize, but soapy water from a parking lot or home driveway enter our storm sewer system that flow directly into creeks, streams, or rivers that are meant only for rainfall.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have in regard to this beneficial car wash fundraiser program. If you would like, we can arrange for someone from All Star to meet members of your organization to discuss this program further.

All Star Car Wash